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Talk and Text Promo 2013 (TNT) Unlimited Text 1 month

I need to share about the TNT promo from 2012 is still available from now 2013. I used U150 Unlimited Text promo of Talk n Text that still working until now.
This promo is a 1 month unlimited text to Smart/TNT subscribers that need of P1.00 for maintaining balance. Easy to avail by type the message U150 and send to 4545.

You are free to try these Unlimited Text plus Call Promos.

How to register U150
- type U150 send to 4545
- 1 month unlimited text to TNT/Smart
- P150 only
- P1.00 as maintaining balance

Take note: this promo is available until from now. This is my favorite load promo from Talk N Text.
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