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STOK30 4 Days call - How to Register STOK30 Talk N Text Promo Call

Are you looking for the new available Talk N Text Promo  call?
Now, you are here about to get the STOK30, the 4 days call by consuming time valid of 45 minutes onlyit will go to great deal also for you. For only P30 you can use it to consume your load. How to avail the STOK30? By entering the keyword STOK30 make sure you have the minimum balance of P30 to avail the promo. Start your day now by availing this promo.

Also available STOK30.

Try STOK30 TNT Promo
- text STOK30 and send to 4545
- 45 minutes of calls to TNT and Smart Subscriber
- P30 load only to avail the promo

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