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GU15, GU30, GU55 - TNT Unlimited Text plus Call Promos

I’m currently using the other promos of TNT. However, the GU15, GU30 and GU55
are still available to use. Beside of that the promos will be given to call and text especially to unlimited text. Talk N Text GU Promos is now on the line, so what are you waiting for? Just select the GU's promo you want to register.

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GU15 - Unlimited text to TNT/Smart for only P15 and valid of 1 day plus 15 mins. of calls. 
*text GU15 to 4545

GU30 - Valid of 2 days Unlimited text to TNT/Smart plus 20 minutes of call.
* text GU30 to 4545

GU55 - Unlimited text plus call of 60 minutes to Smart/TNT valid of 3 days.
* text GU55 to 4545

You may try also the TNT TOT Promos - Read here.

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