Talk N Text Unlimited Call or Call Promos (plus Unlimited Text Promos)

It's my list again about to Talk N Text Unlimited Call or Call Promos plus Unlimited Text
I have done this after i try the some promos of TNT. So i decided to input here in my blog. For more information just see the list below. You must choose the promo that you want to get and avail/register to our Talk N Text Service. Take note, we cannot give of full guarantee access if the other promos is still working or not but we are free to try. Some of promos are updated please see the list below.

Also available 2014 Promos Unlimited Text plus Call Promos - TP10, TP20, TRI10, TRI15, TRI20 or check the Talk N Text Unlimited Call Promos.

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Unlimited Call and Text Promo for TNT

Katok-at-Tex25 - Unlimited Call to TNT and Smart numbers
* text KT25 to 4545

TOT30 - Call and Text Promo to Smart/TNT valid of 2 days
* text TOT30 to 4545

TOT15 - 1 day Call and Text to TNT/Smart - Register
* text TOT15 to 4545

Katok10 - from 2012 - 2013 Call Promo
* text KATOK10 to 3533

T20 - Unlimited Text and Call to TNT/Smart valid of 1 day
* text T20 to 4547

T100 - 5 day Unlimited Call and Text to TNT/Smart
* text T100 to 4547

GA15 - Call and Text Promo valid for 1 day
* text GA15 to 4545

UTALK20 - valid of 1 day Unlimited Call Promo of TNT
* text UTALK20 to 4545

TOT10 - Consumable Call promo and Text Promo valid of 1 day
* text TOT10 to 4545

STOK30 - TNT Call Promo valid of 4 days
* text STOK30 to 4545

GA30 - Call and Text Promos valid of 2 days
* text GA30 to 4545

STOK15 - valid of 2 days call to TNT/Smart
* text STOK15 to 4545

GU15 - text promo plus additional call promo valid of 1 day
* text GU15 to 4545

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