Tracking All Load Promos and Mobile Internet Promos of Talk 'N Text.

TNT Promos - TOT10, TOT15, TOT20, TOT20 and TOT30

This is the best promo I choose since last year this is the powered of TOT10, TOT15, TOT20 and TOT30.
If you are now looking forward what you need to register or to subscribe your mobile number to Talk N Text Promos for call and text or whatever you may now free to select the one. It is just remind you to use the old promos and i hope you will satisfied after to register. So the list will see below.

TOT10 - Valid of 1 day 20 minutes call/SMS to Talk N Text and Smar
* text TOT10 to 4545

TOT15 - valid of 1 day call consumable to TNT/Smart
* text TOT15 to 4545

TOT20 - is the 1 day call and text to Smart/TNT numbers
* text TOT20 to 4545

TOT30 - this is the best ever, valid of 2 days call and text to Smart/TNT
* text TOT30 to 4545

Enjoy these promos TOT powered by Talk  N Text Services.

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