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Talk ‘N Text Promos – U10, U30, U150, UNLI15 and UTALK20

To all Talk N Text users try our promos for today and on other day.
Talk N Text Call and Text Promos is continuing their promos to all subscribers. These five promos for call and text I give you any information that our old promos is still available. Let’s get of one to avail the promo.

Also available TP10, TP20, TRI10, TRI15, TRI20

U10 – 1 day Unlimited Text to TNT/Smart
* simply text the U10 send to 4545

U30 –1 day Unlimited Text plus 15 minutes call to TNT/Smart
* text U30 to 4545

U150 – 1 month Unlimited Text to TNT/Smart
* text U150 to 4545

UNLI15 – 2 days Unlimited Text to TNT/Smart
* text UNLI15 to 4445

UTALK20 – 1 day Unlimited Call to 6 Smart/TNT numbers
*text UTALK20 to 4545

Try to avail the Unlimited Text and Call to TNT Promos. Enjoy our promos with your summer. Don't miss to always check what the latest promos please proceed to Talk N Text 2014 Promos.

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What promos your looking for? Unli Call, UnliText, Call & Text , All Networks or Internet Promos. Kindly choose your promos you want now!
Choose your promos what you want now here Talk N Text Promos.
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